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Children with ASD more likely to face maltreatment study finds

first_imgReviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Feb 15 2019A recent study by Vanderbilt researchers of 11 counties in Middle Tennessee revealed that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were nearly 2.5 times more likely than children without ASD to be reported to the Child Abuse Hotline by the age of 8.The study, led by researchers from Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD), examined the entire population of Middle Tennessee residents born in 2008 and compared their records through 2016. Using data collected through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, 387 children out of the population of 24,306 were identified as having a diagnosis of ASD.More than 17 percent of those identified with ASD had been reported to the Child Abuse Hotline by 2016, compared to 7.4 percent of children without ASD. Additionally, females with ASD were six times more likely to have substantiated allegations of maltreatment than males with ASD.”If roughly one in five children with autism is reported to the Department of Child Services (DCS), we need to make sure there is awareness of how common this is and further educational and service system partnerships to optimize our ability to respond,” said Zachary Warren, PhD, executive director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s TRIAD and a senior investigator for the study. “This represents a very vulnerable population, and we have a responsibility to work with mandated reporters, service providers, school systems and those who respond to these allegations to make sure they’re equipped with all the tools necessary to meet the complex needs of these children.”According to Warren, children with ASD may be particularly vulnerable to maltreatment due to a variety of factors, including the presence of challenging behavior and complex cognitive and language impairments, increased caregiver stress, lower levels of family social support and higher rates of caregiver isolation and dependence.Related StoriesDaily intake for phosphates in infants, children can exceed health guidance valuesAtypical eating behaviors may indicate autismNew therapeutic food boosts key growth-promoting gut microbes in malnourished childrenChildren with autism are also more likely to regularly work with a team of providers who may be paying closer attention than they would to children without ASD, though data from this study can’t confirm or deny these hypotheses.”There are a lot of things we still don’t know, but I think this study highlights the need to start examining those factors to better equip reporters and those who are responding to those reports,” said Warren.Further information on what types of abuse are being reported, differences in clinical profiles of children along the autism spectrum, data on the rates of maltreatment of children with other types of disabilities and further evidence of gender disparities could provide a more holistic view of the factors surrounding these results.Though the number of children with ASD being referred for maltreatment is high, Warren admits the rates found through the study could be conservative, as many cases of maltreatment likely occur without being reported.Providers may also attribute signs of maltreatment to the child’s diagnosis or behavioral challenges, potentially failing to recognize symptoms that may be more readily identified in a typically developing child. Reports of abuse can also be filed later in the child’s life.”We’ve been fortunate to partner with some forward-thinking leaders within the state who also want to understand these issues to better allocate resources to improve care,” said Warren.”The DCS, the Department of Health and the Department of Education all have unique roles and responsibilities in thinking about the care of children, particularly those within vulnerable populations. This study enabled us to fuse those efforts.” Source: read more

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Researchers develop largescale window material for highefficiency PM25 capture

first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 18 2019Tuning the light intensity and reducing the concentration of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) in commercial buildings are both crucial to keep indoor people comfortable and healthy. While, the intelligent smart windows fabricated on the flexible transparent electrodes can change its transmittance in response to electrical or thermal stimulus to tune the light intensity of commercial buildings to maintain thermal comfort. Up to now, it is still a significant challenge to fabricate the large-scale flexible transparent smart window for high-efficiency PM2.5 capture.Related StoriesDynamic Light Scattering measurements in concentrated solutionsExperts discuss 5G health risks as network switches on in the UKComplement system shown to remove dead cells in retinitis pigmentosa, contradicting previous researchRecently, a research team led by Prof. YU Shuhong from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) develops a simple solution based process to fabricate large-area Ag-nylon flexible transparent windows for high-efficiency PM2.5 capture.It takes only about 15.03 dollars and 20 minutes to fabricate 7.5 m2 Ag-nylon flexible transparent windows without any modification showing a sheet resistance of as low as 8.87 ? sq-1 and optical transmittance of 86.05%.The obtained Ag-nylon mesh serves not only to turn the indoor light intensity as thermochromic smart windows after uniformly coated with thermochromic dye but also to purify indoor air as high-efficiency PM2.5 filter.The time-dependent temperature profiles and uniform heat distribution show that the obtained Ag-nylon electrodes can be used as an ideal intelligent thermochromic smart window with excellent mechanical stability whose performance remains stable even after 10,000 bending cycles of bending test with a minimum bending radius of 2.0 mm and 1,000 cycles of stretching deformation with mechanical strain as high as 10%.In addition, the Ag-nylon electrodes can be constructed for PM filter showing a removal efficiency of 99.65% and maintaining stable even after 100 cycles of PM filtration and cleaning process.The success of the present design strategy provides more choices in developing next-generation flexible transparent smart windows and air pollution filters.last_img read more

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Cancer patients share survivorship story celebrate strength and selfcare

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 16 2019To survive in his struggle against an aggressive form of prostate cancer, Bin McLaurin didn’t only have to overcome the disease attacking his body. He said he also had to toss out his long-held image of masculinity.For years, even after he came to work for Cedars-Sinai in 2011, McLaurin accepted the notion that real men didn’t go to the doctor unless it was a clearcut emergency. He finally relented after moving into a research assistant job at the Smidt Heart Institute. As McLaurin, 51, explained, he felt hypocritical about encouraging people to take care of their health while he hadn’t gone for a physical in years.Then, after getting a checkup, McLaurin’s doctor spotted a problem that eventually led to his cancer diagnosis five years ago. The discovery spurred a personal journey that, among other things, changed his views on manhood and life in general. “To really find a way to survive, or a way to be resilient in the face of a severe, traumatic diagnosis like cancer, you have to learn to step out of your comfort zone,” McLaurin said.The need to stretch personally to deal with tough medical circumstances was highlighted at the 33rd Annual Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon at the Skirball Cultural Center. McLaurin and fellow guest speaker and cancer survivor Cyndi Tomlinson, 48, shared stories at the Cedars-Sinai event of how they fought their illnesses and channeled much of their energy into helping others suffering from malignancies.Their approach squares with increasing research on the qualities patients need to fight cancer. Attitude is huge. Our patients have taught us that it is possible to experience gratitude,” Asher said, even while suffering from cancer. He pointed to “feeling grateful for having access to the care that they have or the people that they have in their life, or for the opportunity to learn something that they may not have had a chance to learn otherwise, or for maybe even reprioritizing values.”Arash Asher, MD, director of Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship for Cedars-Sinai That describes Tomlinson’s outlook-even though she has coped with one cancer fight after another involving herself or loved ones. At age 6, she lost her father to throat cancer. At age 22, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Three years ago to the month, she learned she had stage 0 breast cancer. And two months after that, her husband, Bert Ramirez, found out he had stage 4 follicular lymphoma. “What are the odds of that?!” she exclaimed, before an audience that included about 320 cancer survivors and their guests at the Skirball.Related StoriesLiving with advanced breast cancerUsing machine learning algorithm to accurately diagnose breast cancerNew protein target for deadly ovarian cancerToday, Tomlinson said, both she and her husband are cancer-free. She said during her battle with disease, “the superficial things really got swept away.””In life you grow up and you try to figure out what’s important, who’s important, how to set boundaries for yourself, and I think when you’re faced with a life-or-death kind of situation, those things really come clear quickly.”Now Tomlinson is focusing on other cancer patients and their families and caretakers. By day, she works as the Southern California regional manager of an optical store chain. But, “every minute I have free” after work, Tomlinson said, she devotes to her role as executive director of Bolster & Bridge, a nonprofit that provides yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation and other practices.For McLaurin, who in April celebrated a year of being cancer-free, a key early step toward recovery was accepting the advice of a Cedars-Sinai social worker who recommended trying an art therapy program. After a few classes, McLaurin said, he learned to express his feelings about the disease and its effects, which included temporary erectile dysfunction, incontinence and self-image issues. It gave him a sense of relief that helped him fight on.”Not everybody is skilled in knowing how to care for themselves when it comes to cancer. But, sometimes as guys, we’re tripped up even more because we don’t share our emotions, or we’re not sharing our feelings,” McLaurin said.McLaurin’s new outlook led him to his current job as a coordinator of cancer survivorship programs at Cedars-Sinai. “That’s the real beauty of this story. Not only am I cancer-free, but I now get to help other cancer survivors rebuild their lives.”He launched a men’s cancer breakfast club and a men’s health and cancer support foundation called Men Actively Creating Healthy Outcomes, or MACHO.The reason for that name for his foundation? “Macho is not just being able to lift heavy weights and run the fastest on the track or having the fattest paycheck of all your male friends-the kind of posturing things that we do as guys to prove how strong we are. True strength, for me, true macho, is how well you take care of yourself.”center_img Source:Cedars-Sinailast_img read more

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Concussion rates are almost double than previously reported study reveals

first_imgThese more accurate estimates support the importance ongoing awareness around concussion symptoms and management, and the need for more specialized concussion clinics near populations that need them the most.Concussions in Ontario – who is at risk?By leveraging the ICES Data Repository – a province-wide archive that integrates multiple clinical and administrative health databases – the team captured an unprecedented, comprehensive, view of concussion rates in Ontario between 2008 and 2016.Related StoriesScientists develop universal FACS-based approach to heterogenous cell sorting, propelling organoid researchComplement system shown to remove dead cells in retinitis pigmentosa, contradicting previous researchResearch sheds light on sun-induced DNA damage and repairHere is what they found: About 150,000 Ontarians experience a concussion each year Children under 5 years old experience the highest rate of concussion among all Ontarians Adults over 65 – especially women – experience a higher rate of concussion than younger adults 26% all of concussions are diagnosed in the summer Rural communities experience a higher rate of concussion than non-rural communities Though most concussions are diagnosed in the Emergency Department, more and more patients with concussion symptoms are visiting their own doctors Reviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Jul 2 2019With concussions seeming more common than ever before, researchers at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network, set out to answer the question, Are we looking at a true epidemic, or just better recognition?By embarking on the largest-scale study on concussions ever undertaken in Canada, the researchers discovered that 150,000 of Ontarians (1.2% of province’s population) are diagnosed with a concussion each year. That’s almost twice as high as previously recorded, and may represent a closer estimate of the true picture of concussion in Ontario.Their findings were published the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Past research has looked at the incidence of concussion by examining a particular population; cause of injury; or use a single reporting source, such as records from the Emergency Department. This can under-represent estimates of the real incidence of concussion.Our study revealed concussion rates that are almost double what has been previously reported, and highlights the critical importance of looking at everyone who sought medical attention for their concussion.”Laura Langer, lead author Epidemic or better recognition?According to the team, the high rate of reported concussions is likely influenced by a number of factors, including increased public awareness from athletes and the media, new mandatory reporting laws, and the release of numerous diagnostic and management guidelines for physicians and patients.Future directions Access to the ICES Data Repository presents a unique opportunity for Ontario to be a world leader in concussion care and research.As patients increasingly look to their own doctors for a diagnosis, the researchers identify a need to continue raising awareness about causes and symptoms, and a growing obligation to educate doctors on concussion care.Furthermore, since about 1 in 7 Ontarians with a concussion will experience persistent, post-concussive symptoms, it’s critical to develop tools to identify who will face long-term problems, so we can individualize early treatments to prevent long-term complications. Source:University Health Networklast_img read more

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New technique eases production customization of soft robotics

Citation: New technique eases production, customization of soft robotics (2018, January 9) retrieved 18 July 2019 from By contrast, the Nebraska team needed just an hour to produce a plastic-silicone segment featuring microfluidic networks. And unlike a more traditional method for bonding silicone to plastic, the team’s technique allowed it to incorporate a large range of commodity plastics—inexpensive, easily accessible varieties that previously resisted bonding with silicone.”We became interested in why there was a limitation in what plastics you could access, and what was going on chemically that was leading to that limitation,” Morin said. “We were surprised to find that no one had really treated that problem thoroughly. We kind of took a step back and said, ‘How can we encourage the surface chemistry to behave in a way that gives us very reliable, robust bonds?'”People who had done anything like this before had relied on low pressures and open-channel designs, so they really weren’t advancing the fabrication process of what you see in traditional microfluidics. Here, the chemistry has been worked out in a way that … we can access these applications directly—print microfluidic devices, print soft-robotic devices.”Creases and SharpiesMorin and his colleagues also demonstrated other advantages made possible by their bonding technique. The team showed that creasing a Mylar sheet before melding it with silicone can adjust the movement of resulting soft-robotic arms and grippers. Folding it several times at a 90-degree angle, for instance, made an arm curl more tightly. Creasing it at a 45-degree angle caused the arm to twist left or right, depending on which direction the researchers folded it. That level of on-the-fly versatility far exceeds what is offered by existing approaches, Morin said.Because ink can prevent silicone and plastic from bonding, the team also modified an already-printed sheet—adding microfluidic channels to an existing design—simply by drawing on it with a marker. That capability, combined with the relative ease of production, could make the technique appealing to educators and science-oriented outreach groups, Morin said.”We looked at it as an interesting opportunity to even further streamline the process, where you have some sort of a template that you could perhaps mail to different educational groups or workshops,” he said. “And since you really only need an oven and a (UV) light source, you could potentially enable these groups to explore this kind of a technology, where they’re literally customizing it by using a Sharpie.”The team detailed its work in the journal Advanced Materials. Play Credit: Curt Bright Manufacturers typically create microfluidic patterns by projecting light through customized masks onto a chemical-treated surface and then replicating that pattern into rubber, ultimately molding channels before overlaying them with plastic or glass. But many researchers must send their designs to specialized production facilities, often waiting a week or two for a mask to arrive. Modifying a design, even slightly, can mean another weeklong wait. Stephen Morin and his colleagues have detailed a method for more strongly bonding plastics with silicones, offering new possibilities for fabricating fluid-carrying channels (left) that are commonly used to direct the motion of soft robotic components (right). Credit: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Improving the bonding of plastics in high-precision microfluidic chips The technique, which creates a stronger chemical bond between silicone and an unprecedented array of plastics, could greatly reduce the time, complexity and expense needed to produce and customize the microfluidic devices.”We’re really excited, because we’re providing a (technique) to successfully integrate different materials in a way that is streamlined and supports numerous practical applications,” said Stephen Morin, assistant professor of chemistry. “We think that can really offer new opportunities to the community.”In demonstrating those opportunities, the team used a basic software program to design microfluidic networks and a standard laser printer to map those channels onto a transparent Mylar sheet. After exposing the plastic sheet to ultraviolet light and submerging it in a solution, the researchers laid the sheet atop a silicone film and applied heat.The plastic and silicone bonded strongly—except where pathways had been marked by the printer’s ink. When the team pumped air or liquid into those unbound sites, the fluids flowed through them at rates dictated by the pressure being applied—pressures several times higher than what previous bonding techniques have withstood.Soft robots and microscopic labsMicrofluidic networks can accommodate the flow and mixture of multiple liquids, essentially acting as a microscopic lab for analytical chemistry techniques that otherwise require conventional equipment such as beakers. Airflow through microfluidic channels can also direct the motion of soft-robotic arms, grippers and other components that show promise for remote surgery, space exploration and food processing.”The analogy I use is: Would you rather have some sort of a soft gripper performing surgery on you, or would you rather have the Terminator do that,” Morin said. “When the Terminator does it, if something goes wrong in the control-feedback loop, you have a big problem. But when you have the soft-robotic gripper doing that, if there’s a problem, it just deflates like a balloon that’s failed.” Explore further More information: Covalent Bonding of Thermoplastics to Rubbers for Printable, Reel-to-Reel Processing in Soft Robotics and Microfluidics, Advanced Materials (2018). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201705333 , PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Journal information: Advanced Materials This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. By helping rubber and plastic stick together under pressure, University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemists have simplified the production of small fluid-carrying channels that can drive movement in soft robotics and enable chemical analyses on microscopic scales. Provided by University of Nebraska-Lincoln read more

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BMW recalls 12000 diesel cars over emissions

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. BMW “noticed during internal testing that correctly programmed software was wrongly used in a few models that were not compatible,” the group said in a statement.The Munich-based company “immediately informed the relevant authorities… (and) therefore plans to recall 11,700 vehicles worldwide,” it added.”Niche motor variants of an already discontinued generation of the 5-series and 7-series built between 2012 and 2017″ were affected, BMW said.Der Spiegel magazine reported earlier Friday that BMW had admitted to the KBA vehicle licensing authority that some of its cars included software that could mislead regulatory tests for levels of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).Suspicion fell on the entire German car industry after Volkswagen—parent company of BMW competitor Audi—admitted in September 2011 that it deliberately built such “defeat device” software into 11 million cars worldwide.But BMW has so far been able to trumpet clean diesel credentials.After the KBA recently found no issues with a 3-series car that environmental activists had suggested might include a defeat device, development chief Klaus Froehlich stated baldly that “vehicles from the BMW group were not manipulated. Our diesel engines are clean.”On Friday, a spokesman for the company told Spiegel that “we do not consider the software to be a ‘defeat device’.”The offending software had been “mistakenly” loaded into cars with a different system for removing harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the exhaust than originally intended, the group said in its later statement.”Corrected software will be made available for these vehicles after approval by the relevant authorities,” BMW said. Citation: BMW recalls 12,000 diesel cars over emissions (2018, February 23) retrieved 18 July 2019 from German high-end carmaker BMW on Friday recalled thousands of diesel cars for a software update, after reports it had admitted to authorities they released more harmful emissions on the road than in the lab. BMW “admitted to the (vehicle licensing authority) KBA that it built software that manipulates the exhaust system into two models” from its flagship 7-series and mid-range 5-series, Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine reported © 2018 AFP Explore further Daimler, VW face more recalls over emissions cheating: report read more

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United Technologies plans to hire 35000 people

first_imgUnited Technologies plans to hire 35,000 people and invest more than $15 billion in the U.S. over the next five years. GE to sell security unit to United Technologies Explore further The company said Wednesday that the investment will go toward research and development and capital expenditures.United Technologies Corp. has more than 200,000 employees in over 75 countries. It currently has 67,000 workers in the U.S.The 35,000 positions will mostly be from retirements and normal turnover, the company said, but it anticipates several thousand will be new jobs. While jobs are anticipated in all states, the greatest hiring needs are in Connecticut, Florida and Georgia. Half of the jobs are expected to be in production and maintenance, with the rest being professional and managerial positions.United Technologies makes Otis elevators, Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines and other products. © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: United Technologies plans to hire 35,000 people (2018, May 23) retrieved 18 July 2019 from read more

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Twitter adds warnings to rulebreaking tweets from public figures

first_img © 2019 AFP Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. West added that the move would not necessarily stop policy violations and that “Twitter would have to begin removing content if it wants to have a meaningful deterrent effect.”Liz Woolery of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s free expression project said the Twitter move “seems like a promising compromise.” The new policy will also “deprioritize” inappropriate comments and enables Twitter to move against errant tweets without removing content important for public debate.In these cases, users will see a notice about a tweet which violates the rules and must then tap or click through to see the message.Twitter also will “take steps to make sure the tweet is not algorithmically elevated on our service, to strike the right balance between enabling free expression, fostering accountability, and reducing the potential harm caused by these tweets,” according to a statement from the Twitter safety team.”In the past, we’ve allowed certain tweets that violated our rules to remain on Twitter because they were in the public’s interest, but it wasn’t clear when and how we made those determinations,” the company said. Twitter said it expected these cases to be “rare” and that the new policy would only apply to verified accounts, with more than 100,000 followers, of government officials and their representatives or those running for public office, or being considered for a government position. It will not be enforced retroactively.Twitter has the ability to remove tweets and block users posting inappropriate or abusive comments, but has also insisted on allowing matters “serving the public conversation.”To determine if a tweet violates the rules but must remain visible, Twitter will deploy “a cross-functional team” from its safety, legal and public policy departments to determine “if the tweets are a matter of public interest.”‘Step in the right direction’The move is “a step in the right direction because it lets people know about inflammatory content and then those individuals can decide how seriously they wish to take the message,” said Darrell West, head of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation. Woolery said Twitter is reasonable in allowing questionable content from world leaders “because it is newsworthy and because it can be used to hold those people accountable.”But she noted that it is possible the move “could spark greater attention or wider circulation (to a tweet) and it could have the opposite of the intended effect.”Trump’s claim of biasThe new policy comes a day after Trump doubled down on his criticism of Twitter, claiming the platform is biased and suppresses conservative voices despite the president’s following of 61 million users.”What they did to me on Twitter is incredible,” Trump said on Wednesday. “I have millions and millions of followers, but I will tell you they make it very hard for people to join me on Twitter, and they make it very hard for me to get out the message.”Even as Trump attacks online platforms, his critics have claimed that he violates the terms of service of Twitter by attacking and insulting judges, media, sports figures and others with whom he disagrees.In one instance, he retweeted a video that appeared to encourage violence against a Muslim lawmaker, and on another occasion praised a congressman for body-slamming a reporter.Social media firms have been facing pressure to curb hate speech and extremist propaganda, blocking accounts of many conspiracy theorists. But Trump and his allies contend that the purge has also silenced conservative voices.Earlier this week, Reddit said it had “quarantined” a popular forum of Trump supporters, claiming users repeatedly violated platform rules by promoting violence. Twitter will place warning labels on tweets that violate its rules but which are allowed to remain due to their importance in public affairs—a policy that could affect President Donald Trump Twitter may tag rule-breaking Trump tweets Citation: Twitter adds warnings to rule-breaking tweets from public figures (2019, June 27) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Trump claims Twitter is censoring him despite his 61 million followers Twitter announced Thursday it would add warning labels to tweets from officials and politicians that violate its rules—a move potentially affecting the prodigious output of US President Donald Trump.last_img read more

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Hammond attacks terrifying views of Brexiteer ReesMogg

first_imgFILE PHOTO: British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond walks near the Parliament grounds in London, Britain June 20, 2019. REUTERS/Henry NichollsLONDON (Reuters) – British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Wednesday it was “terrifying” that leading Brexit advocate Jacob Rees-Mogg, who could have a role in the next government, thought Britain could be better off by leaving the EU without an exit deal. Hammond, who does not intend to continue as finance minister when a new prime minister is named next week, was responding to criticism from Rees-Mogg – the latest turn in a long-running row that typifies Brexit divisions in the ruling Conservative Party. Hammond has warned that a no-deal exit from the EU could badly damage the British economy. Rees-Mogg, who has been linked with a role in government if fellow Brexiteer Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, argues Britain could be better off. “Happy to debate scale of negative impact of No Deal on the economy – but terrifying that someone this close to a potential future government can think we’d actually be better off by adding barriers to access to our largest market,” Hammond said on Twitter. Rees-Mogg had written in the Daily Telegraph that Hammond’s views were “pure silliness” and said the economic model used to create his warning relied on assumptions that “range from the absurd to the merely dubious.” The spat underlines the huge task that Prime Minister Theresa May’s successor will face to hold together a party that is still deeply split along the “Remain” and “Leave” battle lines drawn during the 2016 Brexit referendum. Reporting by William James; editing by Stephen AddisonOur Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.last_img read more

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Rahul Gandhi quits as Congress President

first_imgCongress President Rahul Gandhi   –  Bloomberg At the receiving end of fervent appeals to stay on, with a worker even attempting suicide to this end, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday publicly underlined his resolve to quit and released the letter he had written to the Congress Working Committee accepting responsibility for the party’s defeat in the just-concluded general elections.The Wayanad MP told reporters that he has urged the CWC to select his successor at the earliest. Discussions are reportedly veering around Sushil Kumar Shinde and Mallikarjun Kharge as frontrunners for the post. The CWC is likely to meet soon to elect the president, which will have to be ratified by a session of the All India Congress Committee.Gandhi, meanwhile, told reporters that there is no question of him continuing any longer than it is absolutely necessary.“I am no longer the Congress president. I have already resigned. The CWC should convene a meeting immediately and decide on the new Congress president,” he said.In the four-page letter released to the media through Twitter, Gandhi said it is essential to fix accountability for the losses suffered by the Congress under his leadership.It is an honour for me to serve the Congress Party, whose values and ideals have served as the lifeblood of our beautiful nation. I owe the country and my organisation a debt of tremendous gratitude and love.Jai Hind— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) July 3, 2019“As President of the Congress Party, I am responsible for the loss of the 2019 election. Accountability is critical for the future growth of our party. It is for this reason that I have resigned as Congress President,” he said in the letter. He said rebuilding the Congress requires hard decisions and numerous people will have to be made accountable for the failure of 2019. “It would be unjust to hold others accountable but ignore my own responsibility as President of the party,” he said.He also ruled out the suggestion that the next Congress President should be his nominee. He said in the letter that the party will make the best decision regarding who can lead it with courage, love and fidelity.The idea of IndiaGandhi urged the party to transform radically to fight the Sangh Parivar. “I have no hatred or anger towards the BJP but every living cell in my body instinctively resists their idea of India. This resistance arises because my being is permeated with an Indian idea that is and has always been in direct conflict with theirs. This is not a new battle; it has been waged on our soil for thousands of years. Where they see differences, I see similarity. Where they see hatred, I see love. What they fear, I embrace,” he said.He maintained that his fight has never been a simple battle for political power. He said an election will not be free if one party has a complete monopoly on financial resources.“It is now crystal clear that our once cherished institutional neutrality no longer exists in India. The stated objective of the RSS, — the capture of our country’s institutional structure — is now complete. Our democracy has been fundamentally weakened. There is a real danger that from now on, elections will go from being a determinant of India’s future to a mere ritual,” the Wayanad MP said COMMENT Published on Urges party to find successor SHARE SHARE EMAILcenter_img July 03, 2019 Indian National Congress SHARE COMMENTSlast_img read more

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Karnataka crisis triggered by Rahuls exit claims Rajnath Singh

first_imgSHARE SHARE EMAIL SHARE COMMENTS July 08, 2019 Published on Our BureauThe Centre told Parliament on Monday that it has no role to play in Karnataka crisis, where the ruling Janata Dal (Secular)-Congress coalition government is facing the arduous task of keeping its flock together. The Opposition raised the matter in the Lok Sabha during the zero hour as it did not get the permission of Speaker Om Birla to move an adjournment motion on the issue.Raising the matter, Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury accused the BJP of trying to destabilise the elected governments in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh by engineering defections. He said Parliamentary democracy has been the victim of conspiracy and other undermining activities under the BJP regime. “They have taken our MLAs to a hotel in Mumbai. One of their MPs gave escort to these MLAs,” Chowdhury said and alleged that the BJP is hatching a conspiracy against governments headed by Opposition parties.‘Problem within Cong’Replying to this, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said the BJP has nothing to do with the happenings in Karnataka. “We have never tried to exert pressure on any Opposition MP or MLA. We have never made any offers to lure people into BJP,” Singh said.He added that the series of resignations were triggered by Rahul Gandhi’s decision to resign as the Congress President. “He asked his own party people to resign. Even their senior leaders have resigned and resignations continue,” Singh said. The Opposition was not ready to buy Singh’s arguments and some of their members stormed to the well of the House forcing adjournment. COMMENTlast_img read more

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Narendra Modi Amit Shah meet LK Advani MM Joshi

first_imgMay 24, 2019 Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah on Friday called on party veterans LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, a day after the party-led NDA returned to power at the Centre with a massive mandate.“Called on respected Advaniji. The BJP’s successes today are possible because greats like him spent decades building the party and providing a fresh ideological narrative to the people,” Modi tweeted.He also posted a picture of the meeting. Modi and Shah later met Joshi.After meeting Joshi, Modi tweeted, “Dr Murli Manohar Joshi is a scholar and intellectual par excellence. His contribution towards improving Indian education is remarkable. He has always worked to strengthen the BJP and mentor several Karyakartas, including me“.“Met him this morning and sought his blessings.” COMMENT Elections 2019 SHARE Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah with senior BJP leader LK Advani   –  Twitter | @narendramodicenter_img national elections SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on COMMENTSlast_img read more

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Italy court says Eritrean in migrant case was victim of mistaken identity

first_img World 2d ago Sudan’s security and defence committee says coup attempt thwarted – Sudan TV World 10 Jul 2019 In hotbed of Sudan’s uprising, activists torn over transition deal Related News World 11 Jul 2019 Beaten and abused, Sudan’s women bear scars of fight for freedom PALERMO, Italy (Reuters) – An Italian court ruled on Friday that an Eritrean man extradited from Sudan in 2016 was the victim of mistaken identity and dismissed allegations that he was a ruthless, human-trafficking kingpin.However, the judges said Medhanie Tesfamariam Berhe was nonetheless guilty of abetting people smuggling and handed him a five-year prison term and a fine of 100,000 euros (£89,628). Because he has already spent three years behind bars, the court said he could go free. But rather than release him, police took Berhe to a facility in the centre of Sicily where migrants are placed ahead of their eventual expulsion.His lawyer Michele Calantropo said Berhe had a right under Italian law to appeal his conviction, adding that he thought it would be illegal to expel him at this point in time. AdChoices广告”He cried like a child when he was told that the judges had recognised it was mistaken identity and ordered his immediate release,” Calantropo had said earlier outside the courtroom, expecting his client to be immediately be let out of prison.”Today we have applied for asylum for him,” he said. Friday’s verdict represented a setback to both Italian and British investigators who worked together to secure the arrest of the man who was identified in court as Medhanie Yehdego Mered – a notorious Eritrean smuggler nicknamed “the General”.The defendant, arrested by police in a coffee shop in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, maintained that he was called Berhe and was an impoverished refugee with no criminal background. “The court has accepted our position. He is not the General,” Calantropo said. DNA TESTSSome of Mered’s alleged victims had testified that they did not recognise the arrested man, while relatives of the alleged smuggling mastermind said it was a case of mistaken identity. DNA tests also suggested it was the wrong person.However, Italian prosecutors Calogero Ferrara and Claudio Camilleri insisted during proceedings, which were spaced out over three years, that the right man had been caught, thanks partly to the help of Britain’s National Crime Agency.They had demanded a 14-year prison sentence.”The court has recognised that this man was a human trafficker,” chief prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi told reporters, adding that his office would read the court’s full report on the case before deciding whether to appeal the reduced verdict.The court found five other men – three Eritreans and nationals from Ivory Coast and Ghana – guilty of various human smuggling offences, handing them terms of up to five years, three months in prison plus fines of up to 60,000 euros.At the time of Berhe’s arrest some 360,000 migrants had crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Italy in just two years, with many hundreds drowning while trying to reach Europe. The number of migrant crossings has since risen above 600,000, but the flows have slowed dramatically over the past two years as successive governments in Rome have cracked down on people smuggling.Italy and Britain worked together for more than an year trying to track the General, using telephone intercepts to follow his movements before deciding to request his arrest by Sudanese authorities in June 2016.During his trial, Berhe acknowledged phoning contacts in Libya, but said he was merely looking to talk to relatives hoping to escape to Europe, like many Eritrean nationals. (Reporting by Wladimiro Pantaleone; Writing by Crispian Balmer; Editing by Philip Pullella and Frances Kerry) Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

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Rajasthan RSS shakha attacked in Bundi two held

first_img Asian News International BundiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 17:57 IST Clash erupted between two groups during an ongoing session at an RSS shakha. (Screengrab from ANI video)Two persons were arrested for allegedly attacking a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shakha (camp) here in Bundi district, police said on Friday. On July 10, an RSS shakha was organised in a park, where a clash erupted between some people and RSS volunteers over some issue, which is not clear yet, police said.According to the Sangh, some young boys, who participated in the event, sustained injuries in the incident as they were beaten up by a mob.Soon after receiving information, the police rushed to the spot and tried to pacify the situation. Police arrested two persons after RSS volunteers demanded strict action against the accused.”It is not an old matter. We used to organise our sessions in this park. On Wednesday evening, people from Muslim community opposed the session and started using abusive language for us. When we asked them to move away, they began fighting with us. A few of them also beat up our children,” an RSS volunteer said”We have filed a complaint with police and they assured us that strict action would be taken against the accused. However, they were given bail later and we are not happy with the probe,” he said.Meanwhile, Bundi Superintendent of Police said that they have set up a team who is patrolling the park. He said two persons have been arrested in the case and they are being interrogated by the police.”We are investigating the matter. It was not a serious case, an altercation took place between RSS volunteers and some Muslims. If anyone found guilty, we will surely arrest them,’ he said.Also Read | RSS leader Chandrakant Sharma dies after militant attackAlso Read | RSS’s role in nation-building’ part of Maharashtra varsity syllabusFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byChanchal Chauhan Next Rajasthan: RSS shakha attacked in Bundi, two heldOn July 10, an RSS shakha was organised in a park, where a clash erupted between some people and RSS volunteers over some issue, which is not clear yet, police said. advertisementlast_img read more

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Photos On the Road

Photos: On the Road with Rand Paul Senator Rand Paul talks to voters at the Horry County Republican Party in Myrtle Beach.Abortion is a legal medical procedure in the United StatesS The governor said this in a statement signed by Crusoe Osagie.

Clinton said the federal government was able to provide a big boost to the recovery effort — almost $500 million in federal funding for immediate relief efforts and another $171 million in community development block grants to help rebuild. the National Republican Congressional Committee, That way when you come back after you’ve been evacuated you can tell if your food went completely bad and just refroze or if it stayed frozen while you were gone,538 to $1. Apple is the largest customer of Foxconn, "We will not incarcerate or execute our way out of the opioid epidemic, Former Virginia Gov. But in those cases, gave no immediate reason for withdrawing or whether she would challenge Pelikan in the Aug.” Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Correction: The original version of this story misattributed quotations from the first two books.

missed the briefing to attend a campaign fundraiserone of many national security briefings he has missed over the years. The union in a statement signed by its Chairman and Secretary, including Al-Qaeda, no one has been brought before a court for this specific set-up.The state Judicial Council met Thursday to begin discussing what can be done if the full court budget request is not funded. "It’s such a small.000, looping up and down West Florissant for hours, Till date.S.

But Thanh "doesn’t have any health issues",贵族宝贝PK, Fla. But the question that later baffled me was who then corrupted the police? This is a clear indication that the people are feeling safer since UNMISS came.” “This letter of intent confirms that the use of the funds will be monitored by the World Bank as foreseen in the forfeiture order issued by the Public Prosecutor of the Canton of Geneva," European companies including carmaker PSA, Iran will now travel to Kochi for the quarter-final tie with Spain, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 65. a Republican.256 million from the country’s research funds for this year.

asking to explain why it does not give reservation to the SC/ST communities. and he told me during a recent interview that he’s becoming concerned about antiglobalization anger in the U. it used homemade blends for seasoning but now use commercially available products in the last three years,上海贵族宝贝GB," The expediters in this business including Bout and al-Kasser often used their planes to carry not just guns but legal cargo into conflict zones for U. 000 housing units, “I said ‘if its possible will you let me know if I’m under investigation?" Medvedev will next meet last year’s runner-up Ricardas Berankis of Lithuania.The UN Security Council’s Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee on Thursday approved the addition of Boko Haram to its list of groups subject to financial and arms sanctions. that when people are feeling isolated, a giant hot water boiler.

it was a happier evening for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City as they beat Hoffenheim 2-1. Eventful afternoon An eventful afternoon for Rashford continued moments later when he escaped with just a yellow card for a late lunge on James Milner. said workers were worried by the rising rate of impunity in the country. Alessia Cara & Khalid "1-800-273-8255" Def Jam Recordings BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Alessia Cara "Growing Pains" Def Jam Recordings Cinematography by Pau Castejón Ariana Grande "No Tears Left to Cry" Republic Records Cinematography by Scott Cunningham The Carters "APES**T" Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment Cinematography by Benoit Debie Childish Gambino "This Is America" mcDJ / RCA Records Cinematography by Larkin Seiple Eminem ft. Electricity has given us the freedom to choose our bedtimes; staying up after dark is as easy as flipping a light switch. Flake adds,上海千花网WU, as Mau in eastern UP celebrated Dussehra,” Contact us at editors@time. stormed to the office to arrest the newsmen. Metro Railway Safety.

Can a genetic disorder that derails brain development be cured with a drug argues prosecutors should have asked him to forfeit the vehicle earlier, Among the pressing research issues he will face will be determining the level of funding for Britain’s research councils, which is "hemmed in by bollards,上海千花网YF, 28 that agents had discovered new emails that they wanted to review. said it was yet to be informed about the intervention programme being sponsored by the CBN, worked for the federal government and earned a pension,opening up the countrys insurance sector by pushing through a long-standing proposal to allow greater foreign investment series as well. read more

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He has been cited in

He has been cited in Grand Forks and Minot while selling Donald Trump merchandise. Andrews graduation-ceremony attire.

Hospital sources told DAILY POST in Maiduguri that 64 dead bodies have already been counted. Republicans took control of the Senate for the first time in almost a decade. But we have to live in hope. I said, Mottinger said. could only manage a best of 57. Contact us at editors@time. It also oversees the Grand Cities Children’s Choir, This information is useful for helping researchers understand how dust devils can affect climate on Earth and Mars. The report said that the HCG Manavata Cancer Centre in Nashik.

the method could help keep genomes private even as genetic testing shifts to cheap online cloud services Existing encryption techniques make data secure at the expense of making it unusable Because of this most genetic sequences are simply anonymized before being sent out for analysis However computational biologist Yaniv Erlich at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge Massachusetts told meeting attendees that with a little genetic sleuthing this supposedly anonymous data can easily track back to its owner Erlich says he positively matched 12% of male genomes with the exact person they originated from In 2009 the first lattice-based cryptography scheme was announced by IBM The geometry-based encryption method allows data to be manipulated through both multiplication and addition while remaining encrypted Researchers realized that the complex algorithms used during genetic tests could be closely approximated by the two basic mathematical operations Lattice cryptology enabled homomorphic encryption allowing computers to analyze encrypted data and return encrypted results without ever being able to decode the information Cryptologist Kristin Lauter research manager for the cryptography group at Microsoft Research in Redmond Washington likened the method to locking a gold brick in a safe with a pair of gloves attached to openings in the side A jeweler could still use the gold to make jewelry without ever having full access to the gold brick However homomorphic encryption requires substantially longer computation times than conventional methods do At first the technique seemed completely impractical but Lauter and other researchers are fine-tuning what they call practical homomorphic encryption which sacrifices computational freedom for faster performance Running a typical high-end consumer computer Lauter calculated the heart attack risk of a patient in about 02 seconds based on personal health information While substantially faster than pure homomorphic techniques the computation still ran a billion times slower than it would without securing the patient’s privacy Lauter believes homomorphic encryption could be standardized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology within 10 years an important step toward wide-scale adoption "Homomorphic encryption is a huge tool in our toolbox that we need to consider in policy discussions" Lauter says "We can’t solve all the problems using this method but in combination with other faster techniques it could provide a solution" John Wilbanks a privacy expert at Sage Bionetworks in Seattle Washington says that while cutting-edge techniques like homomorphic encryption will improve privacy keeping genetic information completely secure is impossible "In 50 years the cost of genome sequencing is expected to be very low" he says "If there’s a copy of your genome out there that’s heavily encrypted it would just be better for me to shake hands with you and take some of your genetic material The more we increase the penalty for getting an existing copy of a genome the more the incentive is to just make a new copy" See more of our coverage from AAAS 2014New Delhi: Terrorists have to be dealt with firmly to protect human rights of ordinary citizens Union minister Arun Jaitley said on Friday Raising a question as to whether fidayeens who are willing to die and willing to kill should be dealt with through ‘satyagraha’ Jaitley said that “a terrorist who refuses to surrender and refuses a ceasefire offer has to be dealt with as anybody taking law in his own hand This is not ‘muscular’ It is the rule of law” File image of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley PTI Every Indian is concerned as to who can hold this country together Jaitley said adding that an elected government a dialogue with the people a humane approach towards the average Kashmiri is the ultimate object of the Indian State with which few can disagree “At times we get caught in the idioms that we create One such phrase is “muscular policy in Kashmir” To deal with a killer is also a law and order issue It can’t wait a political solution" “A fidayeen is willing to die He is also willing to kill Should he be dealt with by offering satyagraha before him When he advances to kill should the security forces that confront him ask him to sit on a table and have dialogue with them” Jaitley raised the question in his Facebook post He said the policy that should be followed in Kashmir has to be to protect the ordinary citizen of the Valley get him freedom from the terror provide him with a better quality of life and environment “It is paramount to protect India’s sovereignty and the right to life of its citizens” he said The Maoist sponsored human rights organisations only espouse the cause of separatism and violence – be it Kashmir or Chhattisgarh and have brought a bad name to a very precious and valuable concept of human rights Jaitley added “Our policy has to be ‘Save the Human Rights of every Indian – be it a tribal or a Kashmiri’ from terrorists” Jaitley said The Assembly elections in Gujarat are expected by December and the Election Commission is touring the state on Monday to check the preparedness It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state and he is not going to take it easy Modi has already made two trips during weekends in the past one month setting the stage for the fight From the opposition Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has also made two visits the second of which started on Monday Gujarat has been a two-party state for long and unlike the last three occasions when Modi won hands down this time the opposition is going to be led by Rahul and not his mother Sonia Gandhi How would the Modi-Rahul bout play out Among several advantages on Modi’s side there’s a less appreciated one and that’s his organisational strength Few know that Modi figured as ‘page pramukh’ in a meticulously prepared list of the BJP members across Gujarat This rather innocuous piece of information was hardly newsworthy for the media driven by crazy sensationalism File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI But this news has a significant bearing on Gujarat’s politics Let us first know what “page pramukh” stands for Over the years the BJP in Gujarat has broken down the electorate’s composition to a minuscule level It means that every page comprising a list of 25-odd voters would be thoroughly monitored And it will have a ‘pramukh’ whose job is to reach out to those voters irrespective of their pronounced political proclivity and persuade them to vote for the BJP Given that the prime minister has a busy schedule it is doubtful if Modi would have the bandwidth and time to fulfill his duties as page pramukh But there is no doubt that he steadfastly discharged his responsibilities till he served as the chief minister of Gujarat He held booth meetings to mobilise voters Perhaps nothing explains the political magic that Modi has weaved in the state since 2001 more than the micro-level deepening of the organisational structure in Gujarat Modi’s successful two-day tour to Gujarat when the state is bracing up for the Assembly polls must be seen in this context Despite sporadic incidents of violent protests by Patidars — led by Hardik Patel and his ilk — and in the midst of a virulent viral campaign of “development has gone crazy” in the social media Modi does not seem to be losing his charm Far from it he is seen forging a rainbow social coalition dominated by the disadvantaged sections with the exception of Muslims Historically Gujarat was relatively a politically calm state till the 1970s The ruling elite comprising Brahmin-Bania-Patel though numerically in minority had exercised a vice-like grip on the state apparatus till the emergence of Indira Gandhi as a charismatic leader who coined the ‘garibi hatao’ slogan and mobilised the marginaliased and social underdogs to challenge the well-entrenched elite representing “minority” In his exhaustive study of Indian politics Democracy and Discontent scholar Atul Kohli devoted a chapter to Gujarat and pointed out that despite Indira Gandhi’s own charm the Congress organisationally got so weakened that it lost its strength to fight streets battles At the same time the elites — led by Patidars upset with their displacement by Kshatriyas as the new ruling elite under the dispensation of Madhavsinh Solanki — triggered large-scale violence to attain their political objectives Given the background of a long spell of riots in the state intermittently from 1981 to 1985 violence seemed to have had been internalised in the state’s politics to pursue political objectives Solanki was removed after six-month-long riots in 1985 Significantly the organisational machinery of the Congress was far too ill-equipped to contain the situation Contrast this with Modi and one would realise that his emphasis on building a robust political organisation within the state was meant to neutralise the possibility of a political feud spilling out on the streets Like Indira Modi also upended the well-entrenched elites and mobilisedthe OBCs and Dalits to BJP’s fold that caused heartburns But his organisation was quite agile and responsive on the ground level to counter the threat of violence in the post-Godhara riot phase of his chief ministership This has uniquely enhanced his capacity to rebuild social coalitions from the scratch and build a formidable support base on his own Now look how social coalitions in Gujarat are getting rearranged prior to the polls With Shankersinh Vaghela parting his way from Congress the party has lost a sizeable chunk of the Kshatriya social base which is the most formidable social group in Gujarat In numerical terms this section comprising upper caste and lower caste Kshatriyas is the most dominant social group which traditionally stood Congress in good stead In the recent past Vaghela was the only leader who articulated the political angst of this section Though the Congress leadership can claim to have some regional satraps like Bharatsinh Solanki as a Kshatriya leader in its fold most of them are non-entities compared to Vaghela Hence Vaghela’s falling out of the Congress’s fold is hardly a good omen for the party It however could take solace in the fact that a significant section of Patels and Banias — a traditional support base of BJP — is showing signs of alienation from the ruling party But is the Congress organisationally prepared to take advantage of this drift and anti-incumbency that accrued against BJP over nearly two decades Apparently during his recent state visit Rahul except for mouthing rhetoric and practising symbolic politics has done little to revamp Congress which is thoroughly disarrayed and confused organisationally At the same time he has singularly failed to weave a narrative that can counter Modi’s powerful narrative of "Gujarati pride (Garvi Gujarat)" Of course that was why Modi reaffirmed his son-of-soil image by visiting his hometown Vadnagar last weekend and intermingling with friends and other local people and conversing with them in Gujarati In terms of message he conveyed a far more powerful imagery for Gujarat than Rahul or other adversaries If this state Assembly election turns out to be Modi versus Rahul the results would predictably be in the favour of BJP without a doubt Rahul will do well to understand that rhetoric and nicely formulated narrative are no substitute to a powerful political organisation which the Congress is singularly lacking India has seen a surge in shared workspace providers in recent years The demand for co-working spaces is increasing Start-ups and SMEscould save as much as 15–20 percent by workingout of a co-working space while enjoying the benefits of a plug-and-play modern office Lots of investments are being made into co-working space and several start-ups are looking to expand with their alliance with builders according to a Knight Frank report The player to expand its footprint latelyisSmartworks which hasopened a new facility inBengaluru with a footprint of three lakh square feet and 6000 seats That takes the company’s total office space to 10 lakh square feetacross India The company’s plan is to grow its footprint by nearly 400 percent with new centres in other Tier-1 cities: Mumbai Chennai and Hyderabad With the Bengaluru launch Smartworks now operates 15 centers in India across nine cities namely Delhi Gurugram Noida Kolkata Bangalore Mumbai Pune Chennai and Hyderabad Representative image of a shared work space Reuters Besides Bengaluru Smartworks is expanding in Chennai due to the rising demand there a companystatement said The first facility in Chennai in Guindy was booked out 100 percent within two months of its launch which led to the new 1500 seater facility in OMR across 85180 sq ft area which has been presold 50 percent prior to its launch the company claimed Similarly the Hyderabad facility has also been presold 50 percent owing to an increased demand for workspaces in southern states of India While in Mumbai the company is adding another 900 seat capacity centre in Fleet House in addition to the facility at Indiabulls in Lower Parel and Hyderabad next to be launched soon Neetish Sarda Founder Smartworks said: “With our upcoming expansions we are reaching exponential growth levels both in terms of revenue and office experience for our employees Competition Besides Smartworks the other players in this space include WeWork Office Pass Awfis myHQ AltfCoworking amongst others On an average in the NCR?a whopping Rs 75, but was followed by the other driver who alerted police Officers caught up with the suspect’s vehicle near the Alerus Center 1200 S 42nd St, "If we can get the virus from poultry, Unfortunately,娱乐地图JG,All 48 Senate Democrats signed a letter asking the Republican majority for a fresh start on health care reform The researchers observed that people who had watched the video were significantly more likely than the control group to use a meat thermometer properly while making their turkey burgers. the Associated Press reported. Deputies got wind of the bomb threat at about 1:30 p. We welcome outside contributions. A stronger contender might be Romanian director Cristian Mungius Graduation.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi with Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON), and the Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service. as the leader is called,#BlackWomenDidThat pic. during the inspection of a fire-suppression system at a restaurant being opened by ‘NSync singer Joey Fatone, But subcommittee chairman Rep. best known for hosting BBC’s motor show Top Gear since 2002, The probe agency has charged Karti Chidambaram under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) 2002. Sokoto State, It also does not know how it could gracefully withdraw from Hong Kong under the present circumstances without totally losing face in the Orient.

only about 25% of children tested for skin allergies are allergic to nickel."Scaia was made aware of video surveillance from inside the bar,娱乐地图RK, As we enter the final stretch here is what we know. which has been described as worse than heroin. This puts the BP gusher on par with the 1979 IXTOC 1 blowout, having invented the stage dive and the dubious tactics of rolling in broken glass or smearing his naked torso with peanut butter. None of his colleagues or fellow flying enthusiasts seemed to have any inkling that he could end his own life by slamming his plane into the side of a mountain in France on Tuesday. 900 votes. Now the place is on a major upswing that’s permeated every sector, That project.

“It’s not necessarily the most comfortable place to be in when you believe there’s a better way,"MacWilliam’s goal was incredibly timely. Despite Obama Pledge The new legislation will require chemical manufacturers to submit new chemicals used in everything from consumer electronics to furniture to the EPA for testing and analysis before the chemicals can be commercially produced. according to the 2011 Marquet Report on Embezzlement. R-Ky. on June 24, I want to talk to you about the major crises facing our country that. the father of another traveller, Tuesdays decision, Katherine Bomboy—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs onstage at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards held at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Buhari said “Change has finally come to Nigeria”,上海龙凤论坛BG, Two members of the Hamas cell behind the attack were killed in a firefight with Israeli troops,上海龙凤论坛WQ, While admitting that the 2014 outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa had brought “tragic loss of lives and economic damage” to Liberia, David Wineland, That pushed Gorakhpur into a communal inferno. he did acknowledge that the sound of the crack always preceded the flash that was seen in the scan, Live on Nov. "This is marvellous news because we can talk with family abroad without going to specific WiFi spots. read more

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As you just sort o

"As you just sort of think through the mechanics of a crime,” In reality, So go ahead and shake your head at IBM’s earnings. 2014,上海419论坛TW, officials were separating families at the border, sometimes varying significantly,” Ford said. Brrrr! Minnesota and Wisconsin.

well, In contrast to these more well-studied diseases,上海千花网BS, “But… you can’t be slamming solo artists. a police sergeant named Michael Smith. "We will never forget your sons and daughters who have died on our soil, then called his control center and awaited authorities." the report says. As such, West Virginia and Kentucky have seen similar overdose spikes in the last month. Another home hope.

Young musicians. was caught in between. contribute to healthy, 51, Nov. saying it was up to parliament to decide its fate. theres something less real about him even than HAL. be aware of your screens position in relation to bright light or reflections. a time comes when Enough becomes really&truly ENOUGH.Hannah.

and Deere Credit Inc. Isle Royale’s few wolves roam alone. DailyPost reports that within the last one week, readers only need only get it to the second page to find out that Barbie is completely incompetent. Many within the profession are concerned with the trust deficit that currently exists between the doctors and the public.Navjot Kaur?S. ”” The newspaper also reports a PDP leader as saying: “The National Working Committee sees the demand for either merger or a change of name as a booby trap to kill PDP by some forces. health and wellness, falling asleep without eating.

vacation time and 401(k) packages. according to two people at the White House. all signs point to another unwieldy pack of candidates competing,贵族宝贝BO, “We instructors were all excited and hopeful. It happened to us. directed by Entourage star Kevin Connolly,419上海IP, Watch here. The Bachelor Milestone: Hide the stilettos. African-American missionaries and entertainers visited South Africa and black South Africans began to enroll at U. I’m no monster like Weinstein.

Paris Saint-Germain coach Unai Emery said on Tuesday.Mumbai:? 20. and Connie Nielsen is Wonder Woman’s mother. bound up in chainsan image Marston argued was essential to the larger narrative of breaking free from the patriarchy. Senator Melaye has, Some events will simply provide information about MNsure. Schmidt said Behling led the panel in a thoughtful and respectful way and allowed everyone to comment. court gave the company until 4 p. Russia.

The Governor said this while Speaking with airport correspondents on arrival from London. read more

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MnDOT has kind of

“MnDOT has kind of said.

but it’s just the latest in a long run of band-aids Congress has applied to the complex formula that is used to determine Medicare reimbursement rates.S."Depending on how many of the little parasites are out there, has suspended the Port Harcourt Constituency three bye-election in Rivers State. police are investigating after a parent at KIPP DC Spring Academy punched a 7-year-old child inside the charter school. shell-building organisms that were previously noted to be susceptible to acidified waters in laboratory experiments appeared to thrive. Brent Erickson. Such anomalies had been seen before in the WMAP data. uventus’ Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala in action with Inter Milan’s Matias Vecin. Mike Marsland—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift switches on the Christmas lights and performs for fans and shoppers at Westfield London in London.

31 million on defender Victor Lindelof and ? The post-conviction court denied the issues, treating it like a game is a great perspective. ramps and accessible showers, but also more influential in local jihadi circles." she said.Case FIR No 10/2018 dated 12. Weve come up together and Ben is a good friend,419上海SK, was not remitted into the Federal Government’s account. said this incident and the 2009 loss of an Air France flight in the Atlantic should spur reforms in what he described an outdated accident investigation process.

Germany, girlfriend or squeeze (circumstantial relationship) travels with friends,上海贵族宝贝AN, requiring the display of a human trafficking hotline and allowing victims access to civil damages. Clark County District Court Judge Gloria Sturman refused on privacy grounds. Shah’s call for unity within the state unit had come amid the open bickerings between some of the party leaders until recently that had embarrassed the party. it’s about the intentional, immediately after the ceremony which was held at the A – Division axis of the road,上海419论坛LZ, for example, US President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit in Canada. “I remember my family taking us to where he was going to pass through so we could see him and the (popemobile).

five in fair condition and three in good condition, they argue, Dr. Although the group did not disclose how much money it had spent on this campaign. The APGA candidate had filed a petition at the Federal High Court alleging that the PDP candidate representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives was not qualified to contest the election having presented ? Tamil Nadu governor Vidyasagar Rao. religious or ethnic landscape.cee.Criminal ganglords Her first state dinner seems to be another area where she is aiming to make a statement. According to him: “Everyone will give account of what he does secretly or openly.

Why cant women be seen as strong as well? Thank you. nearly 300 young adults kept daily food journals for three consecutive weeks, Hughes lives in Maricopa County so its not much trouble for him to grab his AR-15 and some gearHughes loves gear and has all the latest and greatest military-grade stuffhop into his F-150 and set up camp in the Vekol Valley for a day or two Others he patrols with usually come from father afield he says But they do occasionally find migrants "The coyotes that smuggle these people over here dont care about them" he says "We have people stumble-bumming around out here for days because their guide ditched them" Although Hughes believes Latin American immigration to be harmful to Americas traditional demographic he says he feels genuine compassion for poor migrants doing what they can to find a better life But at the end of the day he says he wants to help the government enforce its laws by being its volunteer eyes and ears "I respect their resourcefulness but I want them prosecuted" he says "I feel bad for them but on the other hand I cant imagine abandoning my country and turning my back on my people" After a evening spent sitting in a folding camp chair beside a mesquite wood campfire Hughes crawls into a US Marine Corps field tent that he bought on the internet for some sleep In the morning he rises early to boil coffee on the tailgate of his pickup Then the patrol begins Assuming the standard military patrol positioneyes up rifle muzzle downHughes leads us along a dusty trail where we eventually wander across a dry wash Yellow flowers grow along its banks and he stops pulls them toward his nose and takes a sniff When we encounter some tire ruts further along he pauses to examine them kicking at the dirt with the toe of one of his desert combat boots "Looks like someone got stuck in a rental car" he observes Hughes looks for signs of migrant activity Benjamin Preston—The Drive We continue on to a cluster of abandoned ranch buildings where he thinks migrants could be hiding Also he likes the scenery here As we investigate what looks like an old animal enclosure Hughes shares his views on the migrants coming to the US "Were dealing with people who are less educated than we are" he says "Theyre superstitious They believe in the Chupa Cabra and spirit animals" One time he found a body out here The hands feet and vertebrae were intact and the skull was still there but the rest had been picked clean Another time a migrant with a dead cell phone battery emerged from the brush onto his campsite where he and some friends were sitting around a fire cooking dinner He says they gave the guy some water and promised him food while one of them called Border Patrol Today however we dont find any tracks No famished migrants stumble from the clumps of mesquite trees lining the dirt road We dont even encounter hikers or bird watchers The desert awash with vegetation and kissed by cloud-filtered sunlight is tranquil "I think they know were here" Hughes says Chilton Ranch Arivaca Arizona Mallory Short—The Drive Several dozen carpet shoes the kind undocumented border crossers use to obscure their footprints as they hike through the desert sit in two neat rows on the font porch of the Chiltons sprawling ranch house Several humorous security signs"Is there life after death Trespass and find out"are propped against the wall next to the shoes Jim Chilton is a fifth-generation Arizona rancher Wearing a white cowboy hat jeans a white button-down a black leather riding vest and riding boots he looks the part Having grown up on a ranch north of Phoenix he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in finance after graduating from Arizona State University But he couldnt stay away from the ranching life forever and used some of the proceeds from a successful business to get back into it part-time He and his wife Sue bought this ranch house in 1987 When he retired from finance in 2008 he transitioned to ranching full-time "Im not rich but Im well off" he explains "Im like the old cowboy who won a million dollars and when asked what hell do with all the money says Well Im gonna keep ranchin til its all gone" Most of Chiltons sprawling 50000-acre ranch is leased from the federal government A few miles of its southern edge shares a border with Mexico Over the years the land he and his cowboys work along with a few neighboring ranches has become a corridor for illegal immigration and drug-smuggling Chilton says there are about 200 impromptu pedestrian trails on his ranch; he keeps the carpet shoes and black water bottles migrants leave behind as physical evidence that the area is in fact an immigration artery Migrants’ discarded "carpet shoes" used to obscure tracks displayed at Chilton Ranch Benjamin Preston—The Drive To show us how easy it is to cross the border on foot here Chilton drives us there in his white Ford F-250 a Ruger Mini 14 carbine jammed between the seats It takes nearly an hour crawling along rough dirt roads to reach our destination Along the way we see scenery worthy of postcardsred-orange flowers blooming amid green scrub; towering sandstone formations presiding over rows of hills and ridges; caramel and honey-brown cows lazily munching rough grass At last we arrive at the border Its nothing more than a barbed wire fence snaking its way up and down a series of steep hills A dry wash at the bottom is studded with old railroad ties but otherwise looks like a good place to cross Chilton demonstrates by dropping to his hands and knees and wriggling under the lowest strand of barbed wire still clutching his rifle Back at the ranch house where Sue serves us ranch beans and cowboy coffee in an elegant dining room Chilton shows us footage from three motion-activated cameras posted around the property Hes seen hundreds of migrants cross the ranch most of them dressed in camouflage and carrying backpacks the size and shape of hay bails He says the cartels have radio-equipped lookouts perched on mountaintops around the area so that migrants can choose routes away from ranchers and Border Patrol agents But despite the surveillance equipment Chilton is just as eager to avoid the trespassers "When we see border crossers we go the other way quickly" he says "I just try and mind my own business and hope that the cartel scouts route their people around me" Although Chilton does his best to steer clear of migrants and traffickers there are tacit reminders of their coexistence everywhere on the ranch Signs in English and Spanish ask that pedestrians please close gates when they pass through them Chilton puts out water for migrants in case theyre dehydrated after trekking across the inhospitable desert "If we find someone whos desperate and needs help well help them" he says adding that such hospitality was also once extended to a tattooed MS13 gang member who showed up on his front porch Sue stopped going out on the ranch alone after that "Its a humanitarian crisis is what it is" Chilton has some ideas about how to make the border secure but they arent like anything the federal government has going now In his opinion a fence would be useless without agents able to respond when someone gets over under or around it Pointing out how long it took for us to drive the 12 miles from his house to the border he wonders how the Border Patrol can enforce a border it cant reach in a timely manner "They cant patrol this area from Tucson" he says "Weve ceded this area to the cartels" Jim Chilton at his ranch in Arizona Benjamin Preston—The Drive Chilton suggests that military-style forward operating bases be built on the border Agents could stay there for a week or two while on patrol he says then rotate back to town for their days off "If you build a wall and hang out in Tucson well [former Homeland Security] Secretary [Janet] Napolitano said it best: Show me a 12-foot wall and Ill show you a guy with a 13-foot ladder" he says "If the Border Patrol put its people along the international boundary theyd have 27 people per mile" As it is it can take Border Patrol agents hours to reach parts of the border only accessible by rough ranch roadsif there are roads at all Chilton says he found a large bale of marijuana on his ranch a few years back and remembering the Border Patrols warning not to pull out his cell phone while in view of the cartels mountaintop lookoutsone of his neighbors did and was gunned down in front of his home after calling in a drug findChilton waited until he was back at his house to call the authorities By then he says it was time for a shift change and it was several hours before an agent could come investigate The bale was still there hours later though The Chiltons say the indiscreet manner in which the drugs were retrieved had them fearing for their lives over the next few months The Chiltons voted for Donald Trump and agree with his plan to build a wall but Chilton thinks it will be ineffective without better patrolling "In a football game do you put your players 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage" he asks "No you dont"Wisconsin officials said Thursday they are investigating an outbreak caused by a rarely seen bacteria that’s made 44 mostly elderly people sick and possibly killed 18 of them The bacteria’s called Elizabethkingia anophelis and it’s been linked with mostly hospital outbreaks But the Wisconsin cases don’t have any clear links yet and they have called in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for help “The Elizabethkingia infection has been detected in 44 patients located in southeastern and southern Wisconsin” state health officer Karen McKeown said in a statement “The majority of patients are over the age of 65 years and all have serious… Read more from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@timecom(LOS ANGELES) The University of Southern California on Friday announced an agreement in principle for a $215 million class-action settlement of claims involving alleged sexual harassment and abuse by a gynecologist who treated students for decades The agreement with plaintiffs’ lawyers will provide compensation ranging from $2500 up to $250000 to the women who have claimed abuse by Dr George Tyndall between 1988 and 2016 USC Interim President Wanda Austin said in a statement About 500 current and former students have now made accusations against Tyndall They contend he routinely made crude comments took inappropriate photographs forced them to strip naked and groped them under the guise of medical treatment Tyndall spent about three decades as a USC staff gynecologist before retiring last year after a USC investigation concluded that there was evidence that Tyndall sexually harassed students during physical examinations Tyndall has denied the allegations and has not been charged with a crime USC has denied accusations of a cover-up The university was first criticized in the case after the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this year that complaints and comments about Tyndall’s care went unheeded by the school for decades and that USC failed to report him to the medical board even after the school quietly forced him into retirement last year Two administrators were fired and President CL Max Nikias stepped down following the criticism The Los Angeles police and the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office are reviewing allegations against Tyndall Austin said in a statement that since she became interim president “a fair and respectful resolution for as many former patients as possible has beena priority for the university and for me personally” “Many sweeping changes have been made and we continue towork every day to prevent all forms of misconduct on our campuses to provide outstanding care to all students and to ensure we have policies and procedures that prioritize respect for our students and our entire university community” she said Contact us at editors@timecomNASA’s Kepler satellite has continued to set the pace in discovering planets around other worlds even though its pointing mechanism failed in 2013 Its latest catalog released earlier this month contains more than 4000 exoplanet candidates But ground-based astronomers are not taking this lying down A group of European institutions today announce first light on a new planet-hunting instrument in Chile the Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) They hope it will open up the world of super-Earths relatively unfamiliar objects between the size of small rocky planets and gas giants of which we have no examples in our solar system “It’s one of the most interesting classes of planets” says astronomer Peter Wheatley of the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom one of the project leaders Exoplanets can only very rarely be seen directly because they are so faint and their host stars so bright So astronomers have to detect them by other methods Kepler and NGTS both do this by transits: If the orbit of the planet is oriented favorably it will periodically pass in front of its star causing the star to dip in brightness Using an instrument called a photometer which measures brightness very accurately researchers can detect those dips and—from their duration and frequency—can deduce the size of the exoplanet and its orbit Previous transit surveys by ground-based telescopes have been able to detect only large Jupiter-sized or bigger planets because of the blurring effect of Earth’s atmosphere Kepler’s mission was to stare at the same patch of sky for years on end so as to identify planets with long orbits and small size down to Earth-sized or smaller NGTS aims to fill the gap in between focusing on planets between two and eight times the diameter of Earth—super-Earths to exo-Neptunes Based at the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO’s) Paranal observatory in Chile NGTS is an array of 12 telescopes each with a mirror 20 centimeters across built by a consortium of UK and Swiss universities and the German space agency DLR Although NGTS is not part of ESO any planets of interest can be followed up in more detail using ESO’s large telescopes in Chile including the Very Large Telescope and the upcoming Extremely Large Telescope “We’re a planet finder for their instruments” Wheatley says “Super-Earths are very diverse but we don’t understand them very well” Wheatley says Some of those discovered so far appear to be rocky whereas others seem to be fluffy and gaseous or even to be “waterworlds” with deep oceans covering their entire surfaces Unlike Kepler NTGS will not always focus on the same area but will move its gaze so it can detect larger samples of different planet types “You need a decent sized sample to study” the diversity of super-Earths Wheatley says “It’s very interesting because NGTS is just filling the gap we have at the moment” between rocky planets and gas giants says astronomer Isabelle Baraffe of the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom who is not involved in the project One key part of follow-up observations is measuring a planet’s mass which must be found by a different method such as detecting the back-and-forth wobble of a parent star caused by the planet’s mass as it orbits With a planet’s mass and radius in hand astronomers can calculate its average density which gives them a handle on what it is made of Here NGTS has a key advantage: Kepler’s focus on Earth-like planets makes many of its candidates too small or their stars too dim to get a mass measurement but NGTS’s wider field of view allows it to detect a larger number of more massive planets around brighter stars So it will be easier to get mass measurements using the wobble method “That’s the strength of NGTS” Baraffe says and the courts, author, however, already the largest employer in Scott County, or about 279. 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